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The intention was not to build a great van. That's been done. The intention was to build the greatest van that has ever been built.

Based off of 4 pillars. Sustainable. Efficient. Comfortable. Luxury.

Luxurious African Mahogany fills the galley kitchen. Custom raised panel mahogany doors , hand built and finished in house. Burly Oak Countertops, hand built custom in house. We even used this same oak to make the smaller Lagun countertop. Which can be used as additional countertop space, or swivel it to be a dining room table... or remove it all together. We handmade all of the cabinetry, doors, drawers, countertops, and even most of the trim.

No prefabricated cabinets. Nothing stamped out in a factory. Completely Custom. Completely original Luxury. Since we personally made most of the trim in this build,  this is truly a one of a kind van. even some of the most expensive vans currently on the market use cookie cutter designs with cabinets and various part stamped out of country on a factory line. But absolutely none of that low quality stuff here. Every element of this van was intelligently designed and constructed by master carpenters. We used the absolute highest of quality materials throughout from the 3/4' solid oak hardwood floors, to the solid mahogany legs, to the solid polished brass handles and light switches.

This van is equipped with All the essentials, a Stove, Oven, Shower, toilet, bed with a view, a nice large sink, a sizable fridge with a separate freezer, microwave, a heating element and a cooling element.. remote controlled. and of course a nearly new vehicle to take you wherever your heart desires. The whole package.

In your kitchen you have a 3 burner stove top. And an Oven. So feel free to drive to the mountains and bake cookies, or pizza, or lasagna. Whatever you desire. Cook anything, anywhere, anytime. 

You have a 5.3 gallon hot water tank which is connected to the vans coolant lines so it actually heats the water while you drive. So no electricity is needed to heat your water tank. Driving about 20 minutes can heat the water for a full day. Take a trip to the store and back and you got yourself a hot shower. But just in case you don't feel like driving you can flip on the heater switch instead, indicated with the red light. The red light stays on until you turn it off, to help you remember to shut it off.

The shower is equipped with an eco friendly shower head, with 3 different spray settings and a 72 inch hose. The bathroom also has a waterproof protector for your toilet paper, which feeds the paper out as you open it and pulls the paper back in as you close it.

Lounge in Luxury as you lay in bed. This bedroom is a one a kind setting. Complete with hand built, and hand finished custom woodworks all around. Crown molding, wainscoting, and a lowered curved ceiling.. textured.. to match the textured wall cavities, which give you about 6 inches more of head room for a comfortable sleep.


Comfort was a key intention in the design so we got you a custom made 6 inch memory foam mattress. Complete with bamboo infused pillows, cotton sheets, and all the fixings. centered above your bed you can find a MaxXAir deluxe fan, which can be completely controlled by the remote. Change the speed setting,  make it an intake fan or exhaust fan (for cooking) , or simply open and close the lid, all with the click of a button. 

And make sure to open  your bedroom window for a cool,  breezy circulation of air . Charge your devices from the comfort of your bed. We made sure to have the light switch accessible from your bed as well. Set the mood you want with a dimmable switch. Also from your bed you can view your control settings. We have gauges for your fresh water, gray water, propane levels, and battery level. They're hidden away so you can see them only when you want to see them. And feel free to change the picture in the picture frame. We think it's a fun idea to change the picture as the seasons change.

We've also installed custom built dual spice racks. For spices and cans and food storage. Plus an additional 11 pullout drawers for more storage. 

Up top we have 3 upper cabinets. So plenty of room for all your dishes and food.
There are 3 ways to charge your batteries and collect energy. Through the 400 watts of solar panels on the roof, through shore power, and through simply driving the vehicle. 

Since you're in control of your water supply, you can choose to have cleaner water than what's available in the general water supply. Shower without the chemicals on your skin, or your dishes. 

Most vans offer a small fridge, but this isn't most vans. We want this to feel like home, so We wanted you to have a sizable fridge. Something large enough to hold at least a week worth of groceries. Plus Its got a freezer, separate from the fridge. And we had to add the luxurious touch of the custom made mahogany fridge panels. You don't need to sacrifice, you can have it all.

We've installed a convenient little microwave up top, able to be tucked away and hidden behind a door. We just thought it looked pretty.

The van, being the 2500 model, is a perfect size in our opinion. It could easily fit in a parking spot without sticking out, the maneuverability is top notch, you can easily go anywhere with this thing, parking and turning around is simple and you're not too large for most places. Its more stealthy plus it has better fuel economy.

Some things about the van that make it so special

- Mahogany cabinetry // mahogany is an expensive luxurious wood known for its durability and natural resistance to rot; used for boat building, musical instruments, and high-end cabinetry

- raised panel doors // truly raised panel // most doors you see in even luxury homes right now are made in mass at a factory, machines doing most of the work. Including sanding the whole door. Since we made all doors by hand, we made the center panel raised above the rails and stiles of the door. A truly unique and high quality door.

- 2 separate ceilings // 2 separate ceiling heights // the bedroom ceiling is curved and textured //  the bedroom ceiling is also lower than the kitchen ceiling // the kitchen ceiling is solid painted wood

- CR Laurence Window // I've never seen another van with this window. It is a 7" height window that you can open the full width, and it's screened in //  Most builds online use the same windows //

Lets start a new trend of being able to open the full width of the window

- We hand made most of the trim // including all the trim on the boxes // the under crown // the floor to ceiling pillars // the base molding //  one of the 3 crown moldings //


-3 different crown moldings // bedroom crown // bathroom mahogany crown // kitchen mahogany crown

- Mahogany Legs // it looks fancy and it's functional // spice pull outs, which we personally made our selves

 we also made all of the drawers and all of the boxes

- 29" Deep drawers in bed's 3 drawer bank // the industry standard is 24" // slides rated at 250 lbs per drawer

- The Hot water tank is heated by the vans coolant lines

- 2 separate outside water sources to rinse off // the sink // the outside hose in back

- larger than average fridge // stove and oven

- burly oak counter tops

- fancy cabinetry layout with various depths on the lowers and uppers // reflected in the custom shape of the countertop

- Swivel seats // both passenger side and driver side seats

- The Intention -